Rotating for a Better Golf Swing

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It’s time once again for me to work on my golf swing. It’s not that I don’t constantly try and improve my swing, it’s just that sometimes I forget what I’ve learned. Thankfully, I do tend to have a consistent drive off the tee. Problem is, I’m not getting the distance that I want. Reason being? I’m not rotating my body enough. The strength of your drive should be in your body rotation and legs, not your arms.

So how did it finally sink in? When my husband said, “your belt buckle should be facing the target at the end of your swing.” Bingo! Now I get it, I sure wasn’t rotating enough. My belt buckle was only part way around. Now, I can visualize how much rotation I need. And when I do it, I hit my ball much more solidly and have gained distance.

Try it for yourself and see if it improves your own distance on the golf course. One word of caution though, the one thing I started to do when first switching my drive was to follow the swing with my head. Resist that urge to have your head rotate with your body. No peeking allowed.

To summarize: 1. rotate your body so your belt buckle faces your target, 2. keep your head down and 3. follow through! I guarantee your golf score will improve.